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Abigail Brown

Silversmith & Jeweller

My particular interest is in the lines, folds and forms of the human body and how these are continually changing.  I am fascinated by the sensuous qualities that our bodies possess, and often portray areas of the body that are not normally associated with these attributes.

I try to represent the warmth and softness of flesh in a material that is by nature hard and cold, aiming to create a piece of silverware that is tactile and sensual, and invites interaction.

I create bowls and vessels by raising and sinking flat sheets or discs of silver, using a variety of metal and wooden hammers and stakes.  The spontaneous nature of the work means that each piece is unique.

The jewellery has evolved directly from my silversmithing work.  I use the same raising and sinking techniques to produce small pieces of silversmithing for the body.

The range has now developed from cutting larger pieces of silversmithing into units to create necklaces, bracelets, brooches and earrings.  I like the concept of creating jewellery inspired by the body that is then related back to the body when it is worn.

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