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Amma Gyan

2013 sees the start of my 10th year as a designer maker. Back in 2003 my work consisted mainly of leather bags and belts for the fashion industry, however like all artists, I was always seeking new ways to apply my creativity and develop my knowledge of my chosen material leather.

Using my skills gained at London College of Fashion and my moulded leather training with Neil Mcgregor of ‘Mcgregor and Michael’ I wanted to combine fashion with art and bridge the gap in a way that was accessible to a wider audience.

Moulding leather was something that not only intrigued me but excited me. The thought of using a traditional craft skill and applying it to the commercial world of accessories and jewellery was a challenge that I decided to take on and did so with with great success.

In June 2011 I was approached by the high street chain Jigsaw to design a exclusive jewellery collection for their Spring Summer range that consisted of both moulded and non moulded leather componants - for me this was a major achievement as not only had I managed to achieve my ambition of bringing fashion and art together in a commercial way, I had also gained the recognition and endorsement that I sought as a independent designer maker.

My current designs take on a more geometric shape and takes looks at some of the traditional methods of working with metal and applying them to leather. 'Hammered light' a collection if earrings and necklaces is made using vegetable tanned leather that has been beaten in a manor in which a silversmith my work metal.  As the leather has to be very thin and fine with a smooth texture to offer flexibility yet strength, it is then taken through a series of stages that I have developed before the final layer of gold acrylic paint can be added. The result is a deceptively light piece of jewellery that combined with the precious metals, creates a piece that not only looks stunning but is also a work of art and craft.

Commissions are always welcome, please contact me for details.

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