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Andrew Findlay

I discovered hot metal as a seven year old in the 1960’s, when I collected scrap lead from the street, melting it in a tin can over a bonfire and pouring it into a crude wooden mould to produce toy arrowheads. I’ve now given up this dangerous practice, but am still, after 25 years as an Artist Blacksmith, excited and stimulated  by forging decorative metalwork. Forging, unlike casting, involves no moulds. Plain metal bars are heated in fires and furnaces to near- white hot and then given life by pounding them into graceful, organic shapes and plant forms using powerful forging machines. They are then refined by hand on the anvil to produce beautifully delicate grilles, gates and garden structures in steel, stainless steel and bronze.

I’ve  been much inspired by the work of Gaudi, Horta and Brandt although many of the metalworking techniques used to impart texture to the pieces are of my own creation. For many years I  have collaborated with good Architects and Designers., creating bespoke items for the houses and business premises of their international clientele, a list that includes the rich and famous from the worlds of design, media and music.

Andrew Findlay Ltd. has also  been commissioned to produce metal art by world class Garden Designers Arabella Lennox-Boyd and The Julian Dowle partnership, both prolific gold medal winners at the RHS Chelsea Show. More recently, Andrew has been designing and produceing decorative metalwork for a large private residence in Dubai, a 2 year commission.

Andrew works with his small team of skilled smiths from the listed 18th century Forge on the idyllic Eastnor Castle Estate near Ledbury in Herefordshire.

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