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Anne Haworth

My work is all about the plant world and I try to convey my own personal connection with such a complex and extraordinary source of inspiration. From the small pods, leaves and seeds that I can hold in my hand after a walk in the woods, I like to create ceramic forms which address something of the beauty and strangeness that is so close to all of us if we simply look around.  A visit to the greengrocer or to a friend’s garden has a similar effect on me – I love to look at the natural world and imagine what forms  I can create from a piece of clay.

My studio is a converted out-building at my home in Adlington, Lancashire, and I try to combine my love of making artwork with tuition and workshops in the hope that I can inspire others to release their creative potential.  My work is usually fired to stoneware and the decoration is created using slips, oxides and glazes, using multiple firings in an electric kiln.

My most recent work has been to consider repetition in the natural world as well as looking at sections of seeds and plant forms in microscopic detail. The idea of repeat patters in nature is fascinating and challenging and I try to convey some of my enthusiasm for the subject in my finished work.  I am studying for a Masters degree in Ceramics at the University of Central Lancashire.

My pots are all hand-built using traditional making methods of coiling and slab-building with emphasis on form and surface. I use grogged clays and porcelain which are ideal for my current of body of work. Recent experiments involve highly coloured glazed surfaces reminsicent of a coral reef.

I am involved with several organisations including Northern Potters and Lancashire Art and Craft Guild. I have exhibited regularly at the British Craft Trade Fair and Potfest and I sell my work through organised events and private galleries. My work has also been sought by interior designers for hotels in London and Paris.
I love the challenge of working with clay and feel that there is an endless source of inspiration in the plant world.

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