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Anya Keeley

I graduated in 2000 from Herefordshire College of Art & Design with a BA (hons) in Design Crafts.

Since graduating I have done numerous contemporary craft fairs, including the Country Living Spring & Christmas fairs, Hereford Contemporary Craft fair and more recently Origin. I regularly participate in local craft markets and exhibit in shops and galleries, locally and nationally.

From a very young age, I have compulsively collected found objects and ephemera, squirreling them away into jars and boxes; I believe a knock-on effect from my mother’s intuitive thriftiness. My collections now include driftwood, sheet music, old bottles and jars, darning mushrooms, oil cans and cutlery. Enticed by the beauty of patina, which only comes with age and wear, I assemble these pieces into whimsical works of art.

Inspiration comes from fairy tales, nursery rhymes and the curiousness of the natural world. Often the creatures I make are pure figments of my imagination. I try to envisage the oddities that many a Victorian explorer could have encountered on their voyages to different lands. These whimsies are then caged, named and categorized. A museum of my own fantasy.

My work uses many processes. Wire-working is a common factor in the majority of my pieces. I have a tendency to use iron or brass wire, each has its own nuances which command when and how I utilize them. The processes I use are often dictated by the materials I am using. I bend, solder, hammer, saw, drill then maybe solder some more.

As for designing, I collect images from books and magazines, which I collage into reference books. I rarely put designs down on paper. Normally ideas formulate as I drift asleep or wake. Quite often I will have several pieces at different stages of production on the go, flitting back and forth until the right object finishes the piece.

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