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Anna Butcher trading as Asimi
My jewellery is inspired by the organic shapes and textures found in natural rock formations.  After many years working as a mountain guide in Greece and Africa, I found myself becoming more and more intrigued by the extraordinary variety of melted and fluid forms found in volcanic rock and eroded limestone.  Added to this was the granular and multi-coloured sand from my desert walks, which many times would unexpectedly reveal a scattering of different gemstones.

It was the accumulation of this visual and textural diversity which gave birth to my “meteorite” collection: silver and gold pieces which fuse not only different metals but combine granular and smooth lavic textures through a controlled melting process, and are then scattered with an unusual array of precious stones.  

A few years ago, when I moved permanently to Mani, Southern Greece, my inspiration started to diversify.  I began cultivating ideas from the seed pods, driftwood, pebbles  and plants which are so prolific in this seemingly barren landscape and combining these organic, decomposable materials with precious metals, as the concept of juxtaposing fragility with endurance seemed to represent the feelings I have about this place.  More recently I have started to fabricate these natural seed pods in precious metal, and inserting precious stones as “seeds”, thereby rendering them more durable and valuable.

Each piece is unique and 100% handmade, its form and colour dependent on current mood or experience, or according to personal request.  I combine silver and various colours of gold, using various techniques (controlled melting, hammering, fusion) to achieve the contrasting textures which so intrigue me.  In my more classical pieces, high quality small stones are set into a whole range of jewellery: rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, cufflinks and tiepins, all of which can be commissioned privately to personal specification.  

Originally trained in Athens, I then attended London Guildhall University, before establishing my own jewellery design business in London in 1996.  I exhibit in various jewellery galleries in the UK, USA and Athens, attend prestigious jewellery fairs and work mainly to commission.  My workshop is based in Areopoli, Mani.

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