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Caroline & Stephen Atkinson-Jones

Before training at The Royal College of Art and gaining a Master of Arts Degree, Stephen studied for a BA Hons. at North Staffordshire University and Caroline was awarded a 1st class Honours from Ravensbourne College of Art. We have had our own workshop designing and making ceramics for 32 years. In our career, we have been awarded a major bursary from South East Arts. Our work can also be seen in the contemporary Ceramics Collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum and has been sold at Bonhams in the Contemporary Ceramics Auction. Recently, we have been accepted as members of The Society of Designer craftsmen.

We have produced design work for Wedgwood, Rosenthal, Midwinter and Chanel. Special commissions include those for Aston Martin/ Lagonda, The Body Shop and Dianna, Princess of Wales.

As Designers, we are aware of constantly changing imagery and as a result of our extensive training and technical ability; we are able to develop our own forms and colours to compliment contemporary and traditional interiors.

How We Make It
For 22 years we have been experimenting and developing our Lustreware ideas. Our work is unique; we use expensive precious metals to produce our own colours and fire many times to achieve complex and intricate patterns and textures. Each piece is original and spectacular, as the reaction of one metal against another cannot be predicted. We work on each piece by hand for many hours. The gold and Platinum is intricately applied before the final firing. The finished Piece can take up to 3 months to complete. The precious metal lustres create all the colour in our work; they are not merely an iridescent surface on a coloured clay or glaze, as favoured by other potters.

Our work is slip cast and the forms are designed and made by us in plaster, sometimes on a lathe, always using the Golden Section and logarithmic spiral thereby ensuring perfect proportions. We produce the moulds in plaster and then slip cast the forms in Porcelain. Our work is bisque fired and then glazed to 1220c using a transparent gloss glaze. Then, as previously mentioned, we work on the pieces for several months applying precious metals and refiring many times.

We feel that the continued evolution and development of our designs and special effects result in collectable pieces of quality and originality.

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