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Becky Haywood

Having decided during an art foundation course that I wanted to blow glass that was what I set out to learn, and several years later in 2009 I completed a BA Hons in 3D Design : Glass  from the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.

I now work from my studio in the deepest depths of rural Shropshire where I melt rods of glass in a flame and then cajole, coax and occasionally bully the molten glass into doing what I want in a technique called Flameworking. I also experiment with kiln formed glass and frequently try my hand at combining the two.

My inspiration comes from my immediate surroundings and a love for nature and the flora and fauna of the English countryside. I create a mix of both representational pieces, sometimes using actual plants and found items in my work, and stylised pieces that come from my sketches and drawings. 

I like to experiment and try out new things recently this has resulted in an expansion in kiln work and lots of hours spent learning how to achieve results in a process that does not have the direct “hands on” manipulation of the material that I am used to with hot glass work. This access to a different way of thinking has been both challenging and inspiring and leads to many cross over ideas of trying flameworking things in kiln work and vice versa.

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