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Lida Cardozo Lopes Kindersley

On first approaching us, some people have a clear idea of what is needed, while others may not know how to put their ideas into words, or even what would be possible.
Every job is different and every need specific, so the result will be original and unexpected every time. However, there is a definite discipline with certain steps to follow when working with stone, wood or indeed any material.
We have fifty years' experience of going through this process. Little by little we will come from your first idea to an end result.
The more we all put in, the more comes out. The more we can find out from each other, the better the work will be.

What we need to know from you
What kind of object needs to be made- What is being celebrated or commemorated- Is there a time constraint - an anniversary or event- What needs to be said- Where is the object to be located-

What you will need to know from us
How much and how long? The costs are directly related to the material and amount of work involved in making the object. We charge by the day so the size, the material, the amount of text and carving all contribute to the cost of a project. The same factors influence the duration of a project; working stone is a slow business. Something small can take weeks; something large, months.

Permits and Planning Permission
Where a commission involves siting work in a public place the relevant permits must be granted. A churchyard might have restrictions on materials and size; a sculpture or inscription in a public place usually requires local authority planning permission. We can advise and help you in this process.

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