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Carole Smollan

Carole Smollan exhibits her textiles across many continents and in museums all over the world. Her fascination with the touch feel and smell of cloth began in her grandfather’s tailoring room in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. You can sense the African in her palette .She began life as a lace designer for a Swiss company ,won the Cologne Fair prize for design in 1966,was elected Young Business Woman of the year in 1968,and began a long successful career in ceramics with  large murals in public buildings.

In 1996 she emigrated without her kilns to Britain to begin all over again to establish herself as a textile artist. Using the same terms of reference for her clay  images, she began to build a name for herself in the Judaic Art field making Synagogue Art as in curtains to cover the ark where the Torah ,the five books of Moses are kept, making the torah mantles and designing a personal Chuppah  the wedding canopy, to keep as a  family heirloom and hand down from generation to generation. These are for bridal couples from all over the world From Hong Kong to Stellenbosch. Her interest is in the process of art making .In her work Carole uses silk, velvet, cottons and satins sourced from places far and wide .She searches the globe for antique fabrics giving them a new function and lease of life .She experiments and stretches her medium to the limit.

She has a special affinity with Shibori where she revels in the rhythm and order giving a balanced visual effect, often adding object truvee she has found or made,causing the viewer reach out to touch. She has developed a secret  method of creating images by bleeding the silk colour into her fabric. In 2009 her exhibition at the Yeshiva University Museum in New  York was scheduled for 4 months and ran for 7months.  In recent years Carole has begun teaching her methods and holding workshops for which there are always waiting lists.Her next London exhibition will be for her 70th birthday in 2016.

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