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Charlotte Verity

My work is often inspired by Light; my pieces reflect or refract light from external sources, or emit their own light through fluorescence or phosphorescence, while other pieces are inspired by vibrant city lights at night. By making my own coloured glass components using small scale hot glass techniques and using gemstones, I am able to maintain bright, colourful elements in my work.

Current collections combine hollow, blown glass components with sterling silver, gold, lustres, enamels and faceted stones. Each glass ‘bubble’ is blown individually, using a gas torch. The bubbles are sealed and may then be painted with lustre and fired to leave a layer of precious metal, either Gold or Platinum, or a transparent colour, permanently adhered to the surface. Some glass may be sandblasted, and then painted with lustre to produce a matte surface. Other pieces are stuffed with faceted cubic zirconia stones to add sparkle.

In 2007 I gained a First Class Bachelor of Design Degree with Honours from Manchester Metropolitan University. In 2008, my ‘Platinum Bubble Neckpiece’ won a Gold Award in the The Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship and Design Awards ‘Production Jewellery’ category. Most recently, my ‘Smaller Gold Bubble Necklace’ was awarded  ‘First Place’ in the ‘Finished Jewellery’ category in the ‘Bead Dreams ’09’ competition in the U.S.A. and was subsequently exhibited in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  This year, up to four of my Necklaces will be featured in the publication ‘Best of Worldwide - Jewelry, Volume 1’, by Kennedy Publishing.

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