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Charlotte Wilkinson


Specialising in blown and lamp worked glass; I create striking sculpture and jewellery that work in perfect synchronicity with each other. Fascinated by the fast paced, exhilarating process of turning molten glass into unique sculptures, where their final form is dictated by natural forces acting on the material; I limit the control I have over each piece.

Medical imaging heavily influences my work, particularly images from inside the human body. This includes MRI scans of my fathers’ brain and scanning electron microscopy images of my own blood. I am drawn to these captivating images as they reveal insights into the human body that would otherwise be unseen; the precision of our structures and the patterns of our cells and organs is beyond fascinating to me.  

I am drawn to vivid colour and pattern, often layering and blending colours to create depth in the glass whilst also exploiting the optic qualities of the material. These are then further enhanced by the decorative cold working techniques I use, finishing them with a high shine polish.


Winner of the craft&design Best Newcomer Award at the British Craft Trade Fair 2018

“Charlotte Wilkinson’s glass epitomises the exceptional craftsmanship and design skills that we look for when judging for our award at BCTF. To discover that her influence for her perfectly formed sculptures is medical imaging, was absolutely intriguing - her Brain Series and Blood Series have fascinating stories to tell. We very much look forward to seeing Charlotte’s work develop alongside her PhD research into the use of holograms, taking glass into new territories with untold possibilities.” Angie and Paul Boyer.


Images Nigel Essex

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