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Claire Hall

I have always been drawn to the natural landscape, from a tiny seed pod, exquisitely formed, to a wild dramatic evening sky. I find it all a continuing and exciting source of inspiration.
Using glass I am able to explore both two and three dimensions, capturing the colours, shapes and textures that I find so stimulating. I want to reveal a “slice of nature” and often cut away the glass after it has been fired several times in the kiln. I first build up base layers of sheet glass, firing it very hot to allow metallic colour reactions and movement to occur. I then add glass powders, frits, paints or enamels onto the cold surface to create finer detail and refire in the kiln.

The final outcome is partly determined by the artist and partly by the material itself, which makes glass such an exciting and versatile medium to work with.  I am intrigued with the process and am always exploring and developing new techniques. To create my work I am constantly recording nature. While walking or driving I am always stopping to take photographs and draw sketches which I will later use in the studio.

From a Fine Art background, I originally trained as a sculptor, welding steel and carving wood but it wasn’t until I accidentally discovered the material of glass whilst travelling across America in the early nineties that I found my true calling.

I learnt the art of lampworking glass over a hot torch from a small group of artists in the remote hills of West Virginia. I stayed for seven years, teaching art and making beads. After having children I returned to England in 2000 and continued to work in glass part time, learning new glass making skills when I could.

I now run my own glass studio, teach the Glass Jewellery courses at Warm Glass in Somerset and am a full time parent. I am one of the founder members of the new North Somerset Arts organisation helping to promote the arts in our region.

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