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Corrinne Evans


Using the traditional technique of flat chainmail in precious metals, combined with contemporary designs, Corrinne’s jewellery feature key elements of playful interaction and stylised elegance, with multi-functional wear and collectability. 

Corrinne’s current collections are inspired by First Nations cultures. This rich and storied culture, deep in connection with the earth and its people, the detailed art and traditional garments ignite her imagination. Studying artefacts, embroidered garments, tribal head-dresses, wooden and woven objects, all inspire the jewellery she creates.

Special attention is given to the diverse symbolisms within their textiles & art. These symbols are always strong geometric shapes of everyday objects. The beautiful symbols are used to create patterns (interlocking, combining and repeating) to make their own individual stories.

Similar to these textiles, Corrinne’s work interlocks, combines and repeats in a fluid, elegant and functional form. Inter-woven geometric patterns using the colours of precious metals, create stories, while edgings and structures represent garment trimmings & basketry. Each link is hand made and ‘woven’ together. Patterns weave into the chain mail and structures influenced by the basketry feature on necklaces. 

Various studies spanning over 6 years, HND Birmingham School of Jewellery and BA (Hons) at Falmouth, informed with working in an established working jewellers, her knowledge of materials, techniques and antiquity feeds her work.

Now working in her studio at Kigbeare studio's & gallery, Devon, Corrinne creates bespoke one off pieces for select galleries up & down the country, along with exhibiting at prestigious contemporary craft fairs.


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