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Daan de Leeuw

Daan successfully ran his own wood workshop in Holland for 10 years and carried out private restoration work and for trade people in the antique world.
After travelling around the world he lived for 9 years in the beautiful nature of Wales where he worked as a woodwork teacher. In these years he studied several different crafts connected with nature (including working with wool, leatherwork, basketry, green woodwork, ceramics and metalwork). He became inspired by the connection with the different materials and the overwhelming power of nature, and started to develop his own furniture designs.

He has led several craft camps and organised many seminars, and has also developed craft courses in connection with the OCN (Open College Network) an accredited body in the UK. In 1998 he received a British award of "Woodwork Master of the Year"

He describes his work as follows: "We are getting pulled away from all of the preparation processes needed for natural materials to become useful for us. We no longer know where materials come from. We can decide to buy ready-made products or not. They are there made for us, by highly technical processes that we do not understand anymore. We try to make a relationship with nature in a different way but we have lost the real contact"

"My work includes many of my experiences I have from working with wood close to nature. Going through the whole cycle of planting, processing timber to a final product and still being able to see the raw material at the same time. My artwork is spiritual and I use natural materials. It shines out freedom in form and use of new techniques. It's full of symbolism and reflects art and craft at the same time. In it there are messages that attract people's consciousness for nature"


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