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David Allnatt

Earthenware Jug

I make a range of ceramics using red earthenware clays. Although my vessels have associations with functionality e.g. jugs and coffee pots, it is the sculptural aspect of the forms that interests me.

All of my work is hand built using a combination of different techniques such as coiling and press moulding. During a period of several years I have developed my own glazes which produce a dry, matt finish; in combination with metallic oxides I paint, spray and sponge these materials onto the surface of the work. By using different glaze formulas and firing temperatures, I build up the desired surface texture and colour.

The pieces are often fired several times before I am satisfied with the results.
The surfaces of my ceramics are inspired by naturally occurring effects, such as those found in rock formations. The recent forms have developed through a study of human and animal gestures.

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