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David Wright

Pots and Pottery have been a passion for more than thirty years.  The pots that I create are made by rolling ropes or coils of clay, which are then blended together, beaten and scraped into shape. After the pots have been bisque fired they are partly glazed using a variety of ash glazes and fired in a wood fuelled kiln.

The kiln is fired with scrap wood; broken pallets mainly. Often temperatures up to 1300°c, known as “Cone ten down” are reached over a period of 10 to 12 hours to make the pots into what is called stoneware; hard, durable and capable of holding liquid.
The action of the flame that licks the pots and the fine wood ash in the fire, fuse to the white hot clay to make the glassy surface.

As the processes dictate, each pot is individual and the subtle colours given up by the fire imbues a unique character that is not easily replicated on mass produced ware, each pot displaying its own miracle from the fire.

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