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Emma Cavell

Having previously worked with sculptural ceramics, mosaics appealed to me for that slightly 3 dimensional, immediate colour experience. I’m inspired by nature, emotion and an evolving awareness into a deeper sense of spirituality. Exploring the interplay of subtle hues and powerful contrasts I connect with the energy of colour and free-form design.  Hoping to express a powerful healing element within my work.

The materials I use allow large areas of colour & movement that I feel takes mosaic into another dimension. The surface of my work undulates due to the many varying shapes of the materials creating a real sense of depth. My exploration of mosaic art has encouraged me to play with a medley of wonderful materials. My most passionate discoveries being recycled & antique china, stained glass and a myriad of beaded jewels.  With their abundant, pleasing tones and interesting textures the materials communicate pockets of delight!

Making mosaics is a rewarding process that requires much time and patience.  Every fragment is individually hand cut and carefully shaped to fit exactly to the next.

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