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Fiona Chapman

I make silver jewellery with the addition of resin, enamel and various
other materials for added colour and texture.

My work is inspired mainly by the natural world, especially plants and
flowers, microscopic life and geology.  I am also influenced by a
fascination for architectural features such as stained glass and
mosaic.  Running through my work are the continuing themes of colour
and contrast.  I enjoy working with precious and non-precious
materials, often within the same piece of work.

I work a lot with silver and resin, creating ‘cells’ with silver
wire,  in which I inlay hand pigmented resin.  I often set the resin
with fragments of coloured glass, pearls, gold foil or paper to add
texture.  Another technique that I use regularly in my work is
enamelling.  I am currently working on a range which combines resin
inlay, enamelling and stone setting in some mixed media pieces.

I regularly work to commission as well as selling my work on-line and
through galleries in the UK.

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