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Geoff King

Woodland Treasures

I design and make hand carved wooden jewellery from reclaimed off-cuts of British timbers, including 4000 year old Scottish bog oak and whiskey barrel staves, using a skills base I have acquired over twenty-five years of working in wood. The collection includes ranges of necklaces, earrings, brooches, combs, bangles and kilt pins.

My work is an inseparable part of my home-based lifestyle of sustainability and craft, adhering as best I can to the philosophy of “treading lightly on the Earth”. I value wood highly as a product of nature, so I like to increase the worth of pieces discarded by others as too small to use by creating unique high quality contemporary artefacts which I describe as “adornment in wood”. I carefully consider the complete path from raw material to the finished article. Because each piece is individually hand crafted, the wearer can feel an intimate connection with it. The tactile nature of the material, the shapes and the surface I produce often prompt an emotional response.

My designs are inspired by the natural world, the coast and the landscape around me here in Scotland. I feel a great reverence for and deep connection to the natural environment. I have a lifelong love of and a lot of respect for trees and I am beginning to benefit from the satisfaction of seeing some parts of those I planted in my garden transform into jewellery. I have a particular affinity with wood as a medium to work in. I utilize the beauty of the colours, textures and grain patterns in the different types of timber. Some pieces also incorporate semi-precious or found stones – I love the combination and contrast between the different materials, which inspire me with their organic beauty.

I have a strong creative drive, so I am constantly exploring new forms, keeping the work fresh and vibrant. Having no formal training in craft or design has left me to explore ideas from an uncommon perspective allowing freedom for innovation. I believe I have something unique to offer to craft and jewellery lovers - an unusual and high quality product from a material rarely used for this type of work.

Work can be purchased from my website, several craft fairs throughout the year and from Julian Jardine’s gallery in Perth. Prices range from £40 - £300. Commissions welcome.

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