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Ian Hawthorne

My name is Ian Hawthorne of Hawthorne Crafts.  I am a self taught box maker and started up a successful part-time wood working business in 2002.  Initially we created a range of giftware.  We are now a full-time business and have chosen to focus solely on box making. My boxes are influenced by Art Deco with symmetry and precision being key to all my work. I also work on private and business commissions.   In addition we sell a selection of nickel box hardware through our website.  I am a member of the Crafts Council of Ireland, Craft NI, as well as woodworking forums and a 3D modelling forum on the Internet.

Materials:  I incorporate decorative elements into boxes including aluminium, plastic, polyester resin, mother of pearl and figured wood. The furnace ring box for instance, is created from quarter-sawn Oak and inlaid with a milled circular aluminium disc at the front. The disc represents a furnace door, and the black suede interior symbolises the coal within the furnace.  The Oak Rays dance on the lid top and sides like small flames, protecting the item inside.  Another box commissioned recently included slip matched Ripple Sycamore on the lid top with polyester resin inlays on the banding and mother of pearl as a decorative accent at the centre.

Techniques:  I have also French polished boxes, a traditional method that can take several weeks to complete and is considered the best of all finishes.

We keep in touch with customers mainly by phone and email, initially sending 3D computer rendered sketches of their designs for approval prior to starting any work.  Once work begins we send photo images at main stages with a final image being sent prior to delivery.

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