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Jane Cummins

About the Wood

I have a longstanding interest in textiles, the most recent being feltmaking. My fascination with felt is in the making process how the fibres matt together producing a fabric and how the process can be manipulated to produce shape. Working with textiles has made texture important to me both visually and through touch.

Whilst looking for a material that would compliment the felt I was introduced to woodturning. The first pieces was predominately about the felt, as my interest developed I became more interested in the textures that I could produce in the wood.

Taking inspiration from geometric shapes and how they work together, using the lathe I work with the grain to produce the circles and texture to the surface of the wood. I use the felt to break into the shapes and surfaces. My overall aim is to create a desire to touch and feel the contrasts between the surfaces and materials. 


About the Bags

The initial idea for the bags developed through a university project. Already working with wood and felt combined, I looked at how I could combine these materials to produce a contemporary bag. The frames are made from laminated birch plywood and the bag from handmade merino fleece.

Working with textiles has made texture an important part of what I do, by combining the two materials you get a tactile experience from the smoothness of the wood which contrasts with the softness of the felt.

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