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Jane Marsh

Originality by Jane Marsh

I work with two types of silk, habotai and georgette. These are two very different weaves for two different uses. The habotai is a smooth shiny silk which is ideal for pictures with its transparency and light reflecting qualities.  Georgette is the fabric I have chosen for my scarves because of the beautiful soft floating quality and the matt finish which is attractive and practical because it does not slip.

Batik is a technique which uses wax as a resist to cold water dyes. These are layered starting with the palest colours then waxed over and new colours added and waxed again until the finished item is completely covered. When the resist is removed all the colours used to dye the fabric are revealed. This is a long process because the fabric has to be completely dry before each new colour is added.

Removing the wax from the silk is achieved by ironing between two sheets of newspaper and when most of it is evaporated the scarf is washed in hot soapy water.  The pictures do not have to be washed.

I use ecological soya wax with a little bees wax to give it flexibility and strength because this leads to less crackling, although a small amount is interesting.  The tool I use mostly is a brush but the tjanting which is a little bowl with a spout for pouring hot wax is useful for fine lines.

My pieces are all unique and even if I use same pattern it will look different because of the hand made aspect and colours are very difficult to reproduce exactly.

I am inspired mainly by beautiful textures and patterns and most importantly colours and see most of these in trees and flowers which have a never ending fascination for me.

My scarves are made entirely by myself and some have hand crocheted edges others are hand rolled.

The pictures are either stretched over canvas or framed.  The framed pictures are a new addition and not on the website yet.

My studio is open every Saturday morning from 10am – 1pm

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