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Jessica Jordan

My pieces of work are all handmade and include vessels, sculpture and jewellery pieces. The work is very organic in its use of colour and form I try to keep the work very earthy and natural, drawing heavily on my inspiration of the natural world. My work blurs the line between functional pottery and sculptural forms. My style developed naturally on its own, my very early work was rougher in finish and shape and used much more vibrant colours. Over the years as I learnt new techniques and improved my skills my work evolved and became the more finished and natural looking work I create today.

I use aerial views of the downs, looking at the changing landscape through the seasons. The surrounding areas are a big influence to the work that I do; I develop my ideas through drawing, print and paint keeping a sketchbook of ideas using the inspiration from natural objects, the human figure and corroded surfaces.  I love corroded surfaces, the contrast of rough and smooth line, patterns and texture that are found on stones, wood, glass and metal that has been weathered and broken down from natural erosion.  I like to see how the landscape changes from month to month and the effects that farming the land has had, leaving patterns by man or nature.

What makes my work unique is that each piece is a one off, the pattern, texture and form of each piece is different due to the way I create them. The work changes every time you look at it or move around it, there is always some thing new to look at. The work is a mix of contemporary ideas with traditional making techniques. My work takes many forms; vessels, sculpture, jewellery and wall pieces.

I hope that they show and express the spirit and essence of place and time. The pieces are hand built using either stoneware or porcelain that has been washed over with oxides and/or coloured slips to highlight the textures that are on the surface.

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