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John Binet-Fauvel

I have worked purely with found and redundant materials, mainly using electrical wire, since 1994.  Initially I used a knitting machine for fine wire, but rapidly evolved to create my own tools and equipment, all from reclaimed materials.
It is extremely labour intensive work, not least in the procurement of the wires, which is becoming harder as technological changes involve the use of alternatives, there is simply going to be less wire about.  Extracting and winding the wire, from computers, electric motors, etc, takes many hours, so although my materials “cost” nothing, they are expensive in terms of time.

It is vital to me that I use no new materials, but upcycle old ones, so “cost” to the environment is limited.

The techniques I use are taken from using the knitting machine when I worked with my wife’s business Melissa Warren.
I research through primary and secondary sources, observing the natural and man made world, but do not sketch or draw, only using photography as a reminder.  I work purely in 3 dimensions, using recollection through all my senses. (The articulation of a fish’s body can be felt in my wire interpretation.)

I use no patterns or CAD to plan and design, so all calculations for shaping are in my head. Each piece is truly unique as I would have no way of repeating it. There is a risk element every time, even I cannot predict the behaviour and look of each piece
I make my own tools, in that I use recycled woods and MDF to create frame shapes to work on, with nails at intervals to hold the stitches.   I have many different frame shapes in order to create such a range of forms and sizes.

Commissions included 4 pieces of work, sea creatures like octopus and jellyfish by Ripley Entertainments, in U.S.A. My work can be seen on my website which links to Etsy and my on line shop.

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"So long, and thanks for all the fish"

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