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Kate Earlam

I am a designer-maker whom specialises in combining silversmithing with woodwork and a recent Merit Licentiate of the Society of Designer Craftsmen.

Through my work I aim to create complementary relationships between materials with opposing differences.

I am motivated by my fascination of the visual language and how this can be explored to tell a story, much like body language or chemistry between two people; a visual relationship.

In a world where pessimistic views are strong, my work attempts to glorify optimism specifically in the way we interact with products emotionally. I aim to bring contrasting characteristics into a balanced coexistence; such characteristics vary from form to media however, a sense of unification is maintained through a consistent use of the flower, metal and wood. These components along with the function are so appropriate because they all contribute to one another through their opposites; each perfectly completes the others and I believe that you need contrast to fully appreciate the qualities each hold.

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