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Kate Kato

Using found and recycled materials I try to capture the delicate detail and beauty found in nature, creating plant and insect sculptures. I have always been fascinated by the natural world; a love instilled in me at a young age, and documenting what I discover has become my main motivation for creating my work. I am influenced by my love of botanical illustrations, the natural sciences and the nostalgia of museum visits as a child where I would be mesmerised by the variety of exhibits and the way they were displayed.

I am drawn to the colours, shapes and textures found in nature which I explore using the materials I have collected. I enjoy bringing new life to old and rejected objects rather than leaving them to waste and I am fascinated by the way their history adds to the detail and the uniqueness of each piece.

I tend to work mainly with paper as this is a medium I have loved and used since I first studied Art at University and its properties lend themselves well to the plants and insects I like to create. I use a range of techniques to create my work although my favoured method is stitching. A lot of the materials are sewn together or embellished with threads and embroidery to provide texture and colour. I will also use watercolours and natural dyes to bring colour to the sculptures as well as selecting appropriately coloured pages from the books and magazines I find.

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