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Katherine Lawrie

I have been working as a self employed jewellery designer-maker for well over ten years. I create one off pieces, inspired by textures in the world around us. I use a technique called roller texturing. I use things like lace, leaves, feathers and petals. I press them in to the surface of the metal. The object disintegrates but leaves the surface of the metal with a rich ethereal texture. Using this technique involves a lot of happy accidents, but that is what keeps it fresh, and inspiring. One can never make the same thing twice even if one wanted to.

I now work in a converted stable workshop, a calm, relaxing environment which I feel is echoed in my work. My pieces are very easy to wear for both special occasions and everyday. The jewellery can be very evocative, the pressing of a special leaf from a place visited once, or grandma’s lace or even a hair from a horse’s tail. I have also just started creating leaf pendants to symbolize each of the druid birth trees, which involves quite a lot of inventiveness on my part as some are too big to be worn easily.

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