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Kelly Atkins

Kelly Atkins trading as Carpet-Burns

Carpet-Burns supply a wide range of innovative and useful products manufactured from recycled carpet. Our philosophy is to create recycled items that are well designed, great quality and a joy to own. The real focus of the business is to create a company with ecological values at its heart.

Carpet-Burns was formed in 2002 by Applied Artist Kelly Atkins to specialise in the design, development and manufacture of sustainable materials and products. Whilst studying for a BA Honours in Applied Arts, Atkins had what is now known as her Light bulb moment. Whilst ironing on a carpeted bedroom floor, which accidentally left a hard plastic surface. This lead to a three year material research project in which, Kelly wanted to prove that a throwaway item which would usually go directly to landfill could instead be turned it into a new product which was fun, functional and had a long second life.

Carpet-Burns is a design company at the forefront of sustainability and sole suppliers of HTC (heat treated carpet) a new and environmentally friendly material, the carpet is collected as waste from the carpet manufactures or distributors.  Once the material has been through our patented recycling process ( a bit like a giant cheese toasty maker) the material can be moulded into almost any 3D form and is available in either matt or a highly polished finish.

At present there is little to reduce the demand for carpet, so effective methods of reuse and recycling are essential. Carpet-Burns addresses the growing problems of excess waste, we want people to choose Carpet-Burns because they like what we are doing: making products that instil a sense of fun and intrigue, and because all our products evoke a feeling of purpose, passion and excitement. Our products also provide the basis for an interesting discussion.

Buying from Carpet-Burns is not only the perfect way to show your commitment to the environment, but also a fun and unique way to show that you buy recycled.

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