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Kieran Higgins

Kieran Higgins lives and works just outside the town of Skibbereen in the rugged West Cork countryside. “West Cork has always attracted me, as far back to the early 80’s,”.. I personally feel it has an energy which lends itself to those who posses a creative sprit, and it’s this environment that helps me to create the work that I am noted for. For the most part, I  enjoy producing large if somewhat imposing pieces, but the most important feature has to be, the wood itself.  I wish to celebrate the life of the tree, and what ordeals and struggles it encountered and endured in order  to survive. I feel that every piece should reflect this, It’s achieved it by incorporating as much of its natural character as possible, that is to say I seek out natural flaws, cracks, knots , splits, insect  and fungal attack, even decay.   I  incorporate these, often making them the prominent feature of the  piece, leaving most with their natural bark edge.

My  greatest passion is specializing in the use our “ Bog Timbers” usually Oak but I also use Yew or Pine.  I was drawn to these, initially by their great age and uniqueness to Ireland. Some of these great  trees were mature long  before our ancient ancestors set foot on this island. Cocooned  for  millennia under  layers of peat,. they  are now some of the oldest timbers in the world today. To me, they possess a exceptional  and a distinct character, which only reveals itself when worked.. To these timbers I apply gentle curves and simple shapes …..the wood does the rest.

I further enhance  a portion of my work, with the application of a selection of  finishing techniques. These include the application of textures with hand or power carving tools, scorching, and can include precious  and non precious metals, leather, iron to name a few.  These pieces give a whole different dimension and feel to my work  I can only say that each one is an adventure into shape and form and the scope for further advancement is limitless.

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