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Lauren Elizabeth

Contemporary British jewellery designer and accredited gemmologist, Lauren Elizabeth Tidd, unites her schooling and passion for goldsmithing and gemmology into dazzling pieces which integrate both subjects.

The ethos of Lauren Elizabeth is a focus on one of nature’s exquisite treasures – gemstones. Exciting designs materialise as a showcase for each stone, innovatively uniting modern art and contemporary fine jewellery.

High value precious metals are chosen alongside diverse gemstones, selected for their cut, shape, colour, intriguing inclusions or optical phenomena. The gemstone is the ingredient from which sculptural, stylized creations are then born, forming a unique synthesis between the gemstone and the transpiring design.

Underlying key concepts of style, elegance, negative space and attention to detail play a part in the modernistic aesthetics of each statement piece. Diamonds and other small gemstones such as sapphires are often used as accents, adding a shot of colour, brilliance and panache.
Conventional goldsmithing and stone setting techniques are combined with the latest technology including computer aided design, rapid prototyping and laser welding, to produce inventive pieces with creative vision. Timeless luxury and expert craftsmanship conveys style and elegance, celebrating wearable art at its most creative.

‘Inspired by Gemstones...
Lauren Elizabeth represents the creation of exclusive, individualistic and highly bespoke, contemporary gem orientated jewellery.
Designs transpire with sculptural qualities around the unusual or unique focal gemstone.
Lauren Elizabeth stands for style, elegance, sophistication and distinction and aims to push the boundaries of iconic, wearable, gem set objets d'art.’

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