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Lee O'Connor

House of Mani - Jewellery by Lee O'Connor
Each piece of Lee's jewellery is a sculpture in its own right.  Bold freedom of design ensure that they are wearable works of art - each one making its own statement.   She sculpts her work without much planning, letting the material and the moment guide the design.

Lee's WOW bangles and rings are fine silver.  Her necklaces and earrings are individually hand made combining crystals, semi precious stones and found objects with silver and other metal.

''Creating wondrous tactile forms and shapes is what I do.  What catches someone's eye in my work is not always the finesse or craftmanship,  but some aspect of the composition or quirk of design.  I do not strive for perfection,  but derive infinite satisfaction from creating exquisitely alternative pieces using non-traditional materials and methods.''

Lee's work is guided by modernist aesthetics and a fusion of the ancient arts of silversmithing and sculpture.  Her work has commanded interest nationally as well as in Europe, America and South Africa.

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