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Lee Sinclair

My Furniture falls into two distinct aesthetic areas, organic and technical. The majority of my one-off commissions I regard as my organic, sculptural pieces; whereas my hard edge designs I see as “technical” or engineered. These “technical” pieces include the CONVERTABLE, a coffee table that converts to a six seater dining table, and the “Pylon” coat stand.

I am fascinated by the fluidity of natural shapes, especially the human body. My furniture reflects this and I think that I have captured this human relationship in form and practicality. I also integrate engineering techniques into my furniture design, leading to many original concepts.

I adhere to the principle that “form follows function”, but my definition is wider than pure practicality. It includes an awareness of a client’s aesthetic need. I use timber as a “plastic” material that I shape by cutting and bending, allowing construction of complex shapes for “human” environments without sacrificing function.

craft&design Selected Silver Award Winner 2014
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