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Lisa Ellul

I have been making sculptural ceramic vessels and forms for over ten years and currently have my studio in a converted Victorian Cotton Mill in Lancashire. With huge windows overlooking distant hills it has become a perfect, though chilly, place to work!

I studied Three Dimensional Design at the Manchester Metropolitan University specializing in ceramics. It was during my second year of study that I was selected to take part in an exchange program to study ceramics at Blaker College in Norway. It was here in the isolation of rural Norway in the depths of winter that my true love of ceramics blossomed.

I have a love of nature and I am heavily inspired by the beautiful natural structures and textures found in plants, bark and corals, and it is this natural theme that forms the backbone of my work.

When making I design with clay allowing the material to partly dictate the direction the piece takes rather than staring blankly at an empty page in a sketch book! The outcome may not always be successful but invariably it leads to something more. I aim for the pieces to have a dialogue between delicacy and solidity and texture and form. The pieces are constructed from tubes or cones of clay and organized in a structured formation. The piece may be multi- layered or a simple one-layer vessel. This method of construction creates an intricate texture and articulation of surface. Texture rather than colour has always been a key motif in my work and I utilize colour very occasionally preferring a soft wash of oxides.

The majority of my year is spent in my studio designing and making. Though I love the quiet atmosphere, which allows me to work uninterrupted for hours at a time, it can sometimes be a lonely experience. To counter balance this solitary existence I spend a few weeks a year participating in art and specialist ceramic events around the country.  It's an opportunity to meet and socialise with my contemporaries and talk about my work with the public.

Since setting up in 1997 I have exhibited throughout the United Kingdom as well as America and Europe. My work is in the collection of The City Gallery, Manchester and William Ismay's private collection since donated to The Yorkshire Museum.

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