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Louise Biggs

Louise Biggs trading as Anthemion
Louise operates her business from her workshop based in East Hanningfield, near Chelmsford in Essex.

She has spent her working life making and restoring furniture and has an
in-depth knowledge of how things were and should be made. She is experienced in all stages of creating and making bespoke furniture pieces.
Materials used by Louise are all based around their compatibility with each other i.e. timber, veneers, fabrics, metals etc.

The essence of her work is in using her experience to create beautiful, functional furniture for her varied clients. It is not enough to say she is skilled; she is dedicated to the beauty of wood.

Inspiration for Louise comes from the great furniture makers and designers of the past such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Robert Adam, to name but two and past furniture styles of Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Their furniture has passed the test of time and usage. That is her target also.

Current designer/makers also have their place in inspiring Louise if not through design but techniques and materials used.

Timber is a valuable commodity and is under threat from over cutting. Modern manufactures now concentrate on using man made boards veneered to represent the solid timber and therefore use different methods of construction. Louise maintains her integrity by using old and new materials in the methods best suited to them. For instance some of today’s boards cannot be jointed with a traditional dovetail or mortise and tenon joint but a modern equivalent will achieve the required result.
Louise derives a lot of pleasure from making a piece to meet her client’s requirements. Whether the design comes from herself, her client or another designer, ‘customer satisfaction’ is her byword.

Her experience was gained on the workshop floor after having trained at the London College of Furniture, whose teaching reputation was second to none.
Beautiful furniture cannot go on forever without needing some kind of repair or restoration. Here Louise is in her element, concentrating on the piece being treated with great care and being put back into useful service as an antique of quality.

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