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Lynsey Adams

I have a love of surface pattern and texture which has led me from painting, though textiles and finally to ceramics, where I feel most at home.

My work is hand built, either in 2D or 3D, and each piece is one off and unique.  The raku process is exciting and unpredictable, with an element of danger and uncertainty that I love.  However much one might plan the work, in the end the fire has it's way, and there are so many factors which determine the result that one must be prepared to accept or even celebrate imperfections, and results which never seem to be the same twice in a row.

For me, that uncertainty is an important element in the work.  I can impose a certain amount of control over the results, but essentially I want it to be a balancing act between certainty and chance.  Raku 'breaks the rules', and I like that.

The slow and deliberate making of the work, it's initial firing and the application of  glazes to the bisque, contrasts sharply with the speed and excitement of the rapid raku firing, where the work goes into the kiln still clean and pristine, is lifted out when red hot, and finally emerges from the reduction chamber looking like a burnt offering, until the blackened sawdust and newspaper is washed away to reveal the treasure beneath - or the complete mess.

I am influenced by the landscape around me, the marks and changes brought about  by the passage of time, the elements, and the hand of humankind.  I try to reflect this in both in my raku work, and other pieces where I fire incompatible clays together, again taking risks in order to strike a balance between control and total chaos.

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