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Mango Beads

Amanda Muddimer

Amanda has been making glass beads since 2005,. it started as a hobby and has now become her full time occupation. In 2010 together with my partner David Knight (BA Hon's Ceramics with Glass) she opened a workshop in Barnstaple, North Devon. The Professional Studio is dedicated to lamp work. They offer classes and host workshops in both bead making, silver coring and jewellery making.

"I love precision and accuracy. For me the smaller the surface area the bigger the challenge. I adore colour, contrast and uniformity. My latest beads 'The Folklore Collection' represent everything I love about bead making the challenge of creating design in small spaces. The careful  use of colour creating a 'set' in which each bead tells its own story and yet they all fit together like the chapters in a book. There is so much that can be done within a tiny space, size holds no limits to creativity, small really is beautiful."

Her work is available exclusively through her web site.

About the process

Amanda creates her beads at a ‘Lampworking’ torch. It is an ancient craft. Lampworking has become increasingly popular in recent years and the availability of specialist equipment has made the possibilities for creation within it endless.

Rods of glass are melted in the flame and wound around a mandrel using gravity as the main source for shaping. Designs are applied using different techniques and process.

Amanda now has a partner David Knight (BA Hons Ceramics with Glass); in 2010 they opened a workshop in Barnstaple North Devon. Together they run courses in Lampworking and associated craft. Manda also give workshops in other studios both at home and abroad.

Amanda has exhibited at the following events:

The Contemporary Craft Fair 2009/2010, MADE 2009. 

UK Demonstrator at Flame Off 2102. 

In 2013 she became resident lamp worker at Dartington Crystal UK. 

In 2014 she will be International Presenter at The ISGB Gathering in Houston Texas. 

She often contributes to Magazines and Books with lampwork related articles and is a member of ISGB and GBUK.

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