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Maria Whetman

Fluxplay Jewellery
One-of-a-kind & limited edition recycled 'tin' packaging jewellery, with copper, brass & steel. I am a studio art-jeweller and metalsmith of 22+ years experience. Pieces are designed, constructed and handmade from scratch by myself Maria Whetman, in my tiny workshop in Devon.

Reclaimed 'tin' (printed steel), vintage materials and ‘found’ objects abound in my designs. I like my work to tell a story, have a personality and be well made. Having always admired the designs and colours of many printed steel biscuit tins, tea caddy’s, olive oil cans, etc, I find that when pressed into ‘cabochon’ forms and combined with silver, copper, brass or bronze, a range of unique, fun and ‘narrative’ jewellery could be produced. Sometimes the ‘tin’ is the only material used in a design, it might be kept flat, collaged and layered, or folded and formed. I make a variety of ever-changing designs in a range of prices.

The methods I use are traditional silversmithing and jewellery techniques, sitting alongside mixed-media and non-traditional approaches. Everything is professionally silver soldered, riveted or bezel set for a long life.

I can design and make pieces with your own special, cherished tin that you send to me, a popular service for many of my customers.

"flux n.flow; continuous succession of changes; substance mixed with metal etc. to assist fusion. play v. occupy oneself in activity, operation; free movement". (From the Oxford Popular Dictionary).

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