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Martin Howard

Martin Howard Furniture is fresh, elegant and functional.   Combining a high level of craftsmanship, a distinct design aesthetic, strict material selection, meticulous attention to detail and a strong spatial dexterity.
Each piece is individually hand made, using the finest materials, many locally sourced, employing traditional cabinet making skills to produce beautiful, contemporary furniture.

Martin Howard Furniture client list has gone from strength to strength and now includes international footballers, pop stars and M.P.'s! As well as appearing in several national publications, the work exhibited at Chelsea Flower Show, 2002 was featured on the BBC.

The range of work varies from free standing pieces, including chairs, tables and shelves to fitted furniture such as wardrobes and cabinets. Work is commission based, stocked in select UK galleries and exhibited at design and craft shows.

The shelves consist of a brown oak frame, which is constructed  so as to create a ladder like run of supports at each side.  The frame is mortise and tenon jointed together, so is strong and stable, while the shelves are made in light oak and just sit on the rungs and so can be easily adjusted when desired.  The frame stands 1.8m high and 0.9m wide and the shelves are 1.3m wide, so creating a 200mm overhang at each side.

The idea when designing the piece was to create attractive, interesting flexible shelving, so that as your needs change you can alter the shelf arrangement and it still look great.

I chose oak as the material as it is a good strong, stable timber, with a solid reputation, good figuring and a good supply from Britain and Europe.

The brown oak I particularly like, it is actually created when a tree is attacked by the beef-steak fungus, and can be fully brown with a lovely chocolatey colour and black flecks or with brown streaks or strips which is known as tiger oak.  This is then in gentle contrast to the light oak shelves which cross it.

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