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David & Stephanie Mawdsley

David and Stephanie Mawdsley design and make beautiful and unique furniture to commission.  They create contemporary furniture that is comfortable to use and live with.  To them good wood makes good furniture.  Natural forms, architectural shapes, unusual grain patterns in timber and decorative joint detailing influence their designs.  They work closely with their clients to finalise details of their designs. Stephanie’s sense of form and space is translated into structural integrity by David.  David’s skill in shaping and joining wood, using traditional cabinetmaking techniques, produces structurally sound pieces of furniture. David and Stephanie are exploring ways of incorporating textiles into their work without using traditional upholstery techniques.  The textiles produced by Stephanie are a combination of hand and machine embroidery techniques.  In addition to making pieces of furniture, this collaboration has resulted in exploration of sculptural forms – some of these are purely decorative, but many serve a functional purpose too.  This collaboration now strongly influences David’s furniture design.
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