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Michael James Hunter

Peoples conception of an artist usually revolves around some form of training be it formal or other, for my self training means restriction, to be categorised, filed and  placed in a box, when standing outside  of these restrictions the view becomes greater, therefore, I as an  artist can  form  my own  individual limitations and boundaries.  There is a need  for  the  enquirer  to  understand  the  skill’s  required for the journey that both  artist  and piece  will undergo before its conclusion , not just in design but also the trial and error.

The  concept of my work  significantly  promotes discussion by  exploring  cane working  in glass, and  how the  past juxtaposes  not only with the  present  but also with the future, concluding in individual and contemporary blown vessels of elaborate  adornment.

As cane working involves discipline, the challenge is to make each piece with meticulous precision, and execute control in every movement so that the final result of the finished piece leaves  no doubt  in the mind of  the  admirer that  no  random unintentional  movements have been  made during  its making period. I look to achieve a pleasing finished form that will allow the artistry of cane working a greater aesthetic impact at its presentation.

 Being self taught in the most difficult of disciplines this enquiry into process has been necessary  and a worthwhile journey, that I refer to as  ”trial and error”.  I consider  that the experience and knowledge  gained   during  this learning curve  is  in my view  essential  and necessary  to be  an artist in glass.

 My work is represented in many public and private collections including the Bergstrom Mahler Museum in Wisconsin USA. I have exhibited my work internationally and nationally. 

I have given presentations and demonstrations at the Creative Glass Centre of America in New Jersey USA as well as here in the UK, most recently in 2010 when I demonstrated the roll up technique to students at the Edinburgh Art College during the 400 years of Scotland Glass Conference. 

Photo Credit: ©2015 Simon Bruntnell


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