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Moyra Stewart

I have been working with clay for more than 35 years in the UK and Canada, in porcelain, stoneware, Raku and now Naked Raku.
I am interested in the details of nature, where form is made by the forces that shape it. My current work is inspired by Lewisian Gneiss ; one of the most ancient rocks in the world which is found in the northwest of scotland. Almost 3 billion years old it embodies many of the qualities I seek to represent in my work : a timeless beauty which is transformed by the forces of continuous change. I make large organic handbuilt  forms (using Ashraf Hanna Raku body) where the solidity of pattern seems to be an integral part of the piece not just a decorative surface and where what seems to be stone has a soft alluring surface. What  I want to achieve with these contradictions is draw people in, to invite them to touch, examine and question ...and they do.
In all of my work I look to embrace the unexpected, to be open to change, to see it transform my work into something beyond the ordinary.The process of Naked Raku takes that experience to a new extreme, both in its requirement of intense labour, and in its capacity for failure. Coming to a more consistent result has been a long and painstaking process but the rewards are simply breathtaking. I remain obsessed with this process which brings such powerfully striking objects into my life, and their beauty constantly renews my commitment to bringing the work to a larger audience.
craft&design Selected Gold Award Winner 2015
craft&design Selected Maker of the Year 2015
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