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Naomi Nevill

Naomi Nevill is a British jewellery designer/maker specializing in enamel and wax carving. She is a member of BSoE and the Guild of Enamellers since graduating with honours in 2014 with a 2:1 in Jewellery, Silversmithing and Goldsmithing. She now works at Luke Goldsmiths in Canterbury, collaborating in the designing and making of one-off speciality pieces for Luke's collections.

Naomi uses copper or silver with vitreous enamel to create vivid exciting pieces.
Adding colour and pattern to precious metals may be difficult and time consuming, especially when using enamels, but when the colour and shape work together it brings a piece to life.

Naomi uses pattern, shape and striking colour combinations from cell structure to animal prints. The iridescent effects of enamel can be combined with textures on the metal underneath using translucent enamels. The colours can be separated using cloisonn wire or by filling cells made by acid etching or engraving. The combination of chasing and enamelling is common in Naomi's work.

All these techniques are still used in almost the same way they were used hundreds of years ago. They are long and therapeutic practices, which make the results a little unpredictable and harder to replicate, but the results are worth it.

craft&design Selected Gold Award Winner 2015
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