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Nathalie Vin

Two things form the basis of all my work: a reverence for, and a desire to represent the wonder of nature; and a wish to illustrate the essential 'now' - that ever-fleeting moment when eternity is glimpsed but never retained. The medium of mosaic is a continual challenge to an artist because of its inevitable  gravity and permanence. My aim is to find ways of defying this essence. I  perpetually try to innovate with techniques and materials to achieve this.  I may find a solution involving exquisite use of miniature tiles, each painstakingly  customised by hand to reveal a desired effect, or perhaps in the technique of application involving radical overlays, combinations or juxtapositions. 

Nature is a recurrent theme in my work: its dominance, its universality, its  omnipresence and particularly its awesome indifference to human concerns.

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