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Ornella Iannuzzi

Inspired by nature and alchemy, award winning artist-jeweller Ornella Iannuzzi  aims to challenge preconceptions of jewellery. She considers her creations as miniature artworks to wear, through which she questions the standard classification of preciousness.

Using a wide range of natural and precious materials, Ornella’s work is characterised by harmonious composition of colour and texture, with a certain attraction for the unusual. She meticulously hand-carves each of her creations, paying great attention to details, and thanks to the ancient technique of lost-wax casting - which consists of carving the piece in wax before casting it in metal - Ornella creates complex and sculptural eye-catching shapes that appear to have occurred naturally. She also uses traditional jewellery skills, such as metal forging, chasing or repousse, that she combines with modern technology such as laserwelding. The association of all these techniques results in expressive and incredibly adventurous pieces that are decidedly individualistic and dramatic.

Experimenting and constantly innovating, Ornella’s work ranges from the quasi primordial to the ultra-elegant. Unusual settings are her forte and each suits the featured gem, which can be cut, rough or hand-carved, as featured in her sought after opal collection ‘Lucy in Wonderland’.

Although her body of work is filled with a great array of variety, Ornella’s style remains highly distinctive and powerful. Her astonishing collections embody a delicate marriage of contemporary and haute sensibilities that result in truly original jewellery, where the souls of high fashion and avant-garde are splendidly combined.


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Jewellery images by Simon Armitt / Martner and Mowatt

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