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Paulien Gluckman

To be able to make something beautiful out of a piece of rock, where another person would have walked past, is greatly satisfying.

The rough shape of the stone is important to me. It can give many indications, like a “flow” or “movement”. A shape that is there already, I just have to release it.

I have been inspired by Relief (Assyrians), telling a story by carving away as little as possible. I was taught as an apprentice to the late John Skelton the art of letter cutting. Relief is similar to letter cutting, only with more freedom.

Freedom I also find in walking. I can walk forever, exploring along the way. Last year it was The Camino (to Santiago in Spain). Before that from my front door in Brighton to Lands End., before that India. If you open one of my books there is a great chance some of my many leaves I collected on my walks will fall out.

Recently I have done a series of oak leave reliefs. The free flowing line of the oak leaves carved with the precision of letter cutting in a randomly found piece of Wealden sandstone, so beautiful I could not improve on it. I left it rough as found, added between the path of oak leaves, all around the stone, footprints of deer. On the top a small image of my own footprint plus the half moon, as it resembles a night walk in the woods.
Minimal – most part rough – and telling a story.

The combination of 3D – relief –  letter cutting, and at the same time not overworking it by keeping it minimal challenges me.

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