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Rob Sutherland

Rob Sutherland is a potter living and working in the beautiful Scottish Borders

"All of my ceramics are hand-built and utilise the technique of coiling. This involves building a pot layer by layer. Each coil is melded into the coil below and is pinched, squeezed, moulded and scraped into shape. I enjoy the slow pace of this method which allows a considered response to the form as it grows".
"My influences are grounded in nature, from deciduous woodland to lichens to beach smoothed pebbles. I'm interested in the linear edges created by water meeting land, Zen Buddhist dry gardens, fossils, mineral seams in rock and Neolithic cup and ring marks."

Art Education: Dartington College of Art, Devon 1982 – 1984

A member of the Northern Potters Association and a regular Potfest exhibitor.
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