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Robyn Cove

I am a potter making functional wheel thrown stoneware from my home studio in Cardiff. I received a BA(hons) Ceramics from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2008 and have been actively working within the field of ceramics since. I display my pottery in shows, galleries and exhibitions across the UK and my work has been published internationally. My pottery captures a rustic warmth with full forms and contemporary surface designs.

The main focus of my pottery is that it functions. The form and size of the pots are made with usability in mind. Texture and other decoration are not only for aesthetic interest but also for function. These either give grip or highlight the contours of the pot allowing for easier visual understanding before and whilst the pot is in the hands. My work takes inspiration from many sources; most apparent are both Japanese and British studio pottery, the most direct influence is from my own use of handmade pottery at home.

My pots are wheel thrown with a black stoneware clay that I have developed and mix myself. Much of the current production is in a coarse black clay, this additional grit gives body and a softness in appearance to the end ceramic. The pots often feature turned feet and carved or painted decoration which give detail and definition to the forms. The ceramic surface may be left naked to accentuate the colour and texture of the clay body or they are decorated by layering slip and glaze which highlight their textures, edges and contours.

You can find me on Instagram & Facebook @robyncovepottery where you can get a sense of the environment I work in and see some of my pots at various stages of the making process. I also have an Etsy shop. 


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