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Rowan Van Der Holt

Born in London in the 60's, Rowan's family moved regularly including a few years in Jamaica, until in the late 70's they moved to British Columbia, Canada. Rowan gained a love of nature, a naive or optimistic view of the world, a love of the beauty in her surroundings, and of course an accent, but she felt a tug back to her roots and returned to England in 2001. After high school, graphics and printmaking were her educational focus and she went on to study these in Miami, Florida, and in Vancouver, Canada. It would be years until she found out about flameworking glass.

Flameworking is a contemporary term for lampworking. The latter has its origins dating back to the beginning of the 15 century when an oil lamp was used, with a thin stream of air to increase the heat and melt the glass . The technique was used across Europe. Apparatus used by Galileo at this time still exists.

In the last decade there have been many changes with the variety of glass, the scope of tools and the size of torch that are available to the flame working artist. Rowan's work uses this exciting technique where glass is melted within the flame and is sculpted and moulded into forms to express her love of the beautiful world we live in. As an applied artist her one of a kind works include sculpture and jewellery.

Recently her work has been seen at the "2010 Biennale", at "Essence, A Selection of work from the British Glass Biennale" in the Glass Art Gallery in London with future exhibits planned. She is in several "online exhibits" with the CGS and her work "Ophelia's Crown" is touring through the States and Japan with the ISGB "Convergence II exhibit". She has been invited to demonstrate flameworking at upcoming events and is teaching master classes. She will do commissions and would be happy to accept enquires.

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