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Samantha Sweet

I want to keep craft techniques alive in modern pieces.  I principally work with blown lead crystal, my best selling design (the cut crystal milk bottle) is then cut by hand on a lathe and polished.  Lead crystal has a special fondness for me as I first learnt to blow with it, and it has the most brilliant twinkle when cut and polished.

The excitement of blowing glass is what drew me to the material, now I can’t think in anything else.  I am still learning about glass 20 years on, through experience and watching other makers.  Milestones in my career have been attending Pilchuck Glass School and the Royal College of Art.  They were both incredibly positive and inspiring experiences.

During a residency at Broadfield House Glass Museum I began to look closely at work of past masters.  I often refer back to these pieces now and the wealth of skills used to make them.  Design is very important but I always want to match it with quality craftsmanship.

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